Top 6 Things to do on SANTORINI ISLAND, Greece.


Santorini Island in the southern Aegean Sea, is one of the top tourist destinations in Greece and one of the most sought after romantic destinations in the world!

Santorini caters to all tastes: it offers exquisitely clear waters, quaint little towns perched on the rim of a massive active volcano in the middle of the sea, and a vibrant nightlife with bars, clubs and restaurants tucked away in the quaint cobbled streets or overlooking the Caldera!

The island has a growing reputation as a “wedding destination” for couples not only from Greece, but from all over the world. If you’re after a romantic escape, try a holiday to Santorini.

The towns of Fira, Imerovigli and Oia, perched hundreds of meters above sea level, offer spectacular views of the Aegean and the Caldera.

A trip to Santorini is a dream come true for any couple or Single ready for adventure!

With its whitewashed houses, Blue domed churches and never ending vineyards.
And the northern town of Oia, which also has a spot on the caldera, is the best place to see the Island’s famous sunsets.
The island’s cliffside villages put you in a prime spot for watching the sunset. You can Catch the spectacular sunset from one of Oia’s cliff-top tavernas.
From April to September, warm, sunny days are all guaranteed in Santorini.
Average temperatures in July and August hover around the 27 to 30°C mark, and rain is rare.
Here are some tips on TOP 6 Things to Do on SANTORINI:

1: Soak Up the views of the Caldera.


The Caldera view from my suite at the Aqua Luxury Hotel and Suites was amazing.
History has it that Santorini hasn’t always been crescent shaped, once upon a time it was round.
But, during a colossal eruption in 1450 BC, the middle of the island fell into the sea, leaving a huge crater called a Caldera, peering above the waves.
Legend has it, Homer’s account of Atlantis sinking into the sea was actually the tale of Santorini.


2: Take in the Sunset from Oia.


In the battle to be crowned Santorini’s prettiest town, Oia is definitely in the running.
Head through the maze of cobblestone passageways and you’ll come to the island’s most famous snapshot, a blue domed church that’s graced a thousand postcards.


3: Have Dinner or Drinks at Oia.


I Opted for Catch Two Restaurant and Bar for Dinner.
It’s the best place for taking in those famous sunsets, while having some traditional Meal or Drinks.
I must add that Santorini has one of the best sweet wines I’ve tried, you may want to try it out during your visit.
And if you’re wondering how Oia is pronounced, it’s ‘ee-yah’  this is handy if you’re thinking of going there by taxi.


4: The Beach Scene. 
Perivilos Beach is a famous location for wedding receptions and the most cosmopolitan and lively beach resort in Santorini that hums with activity. Located on the south east coast of the island, 3 kilometers away from Perissa, it is easily accessible by bus or rental car. It lies between Perissa Beach and Agios Georgios Beach, that all together, in actual fact, form one pretty long beach and you can go on foot from one to the other.


5: Photograph the Churches in Pyrgos. 
There are Thirty-three churches in Pyrgos which happens to be Santorini’s former capital.

What makes Pyrgos unique is the fact that it is the highest village of the whole island, providing great panoramic views of both sides of the island. It is situated on the west coast, about 8 kilometers southeast of Fira, the capital of Santorini.

Thanks to its privileged position it stands out from a distance and the sight from up there offers a different point of view, you can only admire from Pyrgos. You can set eyes on green valleys, the vast sea and the whole island unfolding below your feet. Pyrgos remains traditional, accordant to the Cycladic architecture. The fact that it is slightly undeveloped with narrow, winding paths and stone houses makes it adorable.

Pyrgos is surrounded by blue domed churches and vineyards. Here and there you will meet small galleries and shops tucked into hidden corners, as you get around the successive, uphill and downhill alleys. At the bottom of the village there are some tourist shops, mini markets, welcoming restaurants and taverns with delicious food and coffee shops, most of them around the main, round square.

6: Set sail for Thirasia, Paliakameni and Neakameni. 
Dotting the waters around the caldera, these three islands each have a unique draw.
Thirasia is Greece on a go-slow, with its geranium-clad balconies and vine-wrapped tavernas.
Paliaameni is renowned for its natural hot springs, which are said to have healing powers.
While Neakameni is a hiker’s paradise. People flock here to scale the slopes of its volcano.
Ferries leave from the port of Ormos Athinios, which is a 10 minute drive from Thira.

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