Sixteen Ideas for the Ultimate Disney Princess Bedroom to make your Kids live happily ever after in their own Kingdom.

A Child’s bedroom is supposed to be a perfect dreamland sprinkled with fairy dust, hopes and dreams. As Parents, our job is to keep our little ones happy and healthy, allowing them to dream big and explore their creativity alongside their imagination.

We would all agree that decorating your home is always fun and exciting. One can then begin to imagine the excitement involved in decorating a Disney Princess themed room

for girls. Lets just say it brings out the creativity in you, even  if you are not an interior decor expert.

Decorating a kids room is totally different and unique as there are not necessarily set rules. However, this does not mean the room should be without style or form.

It doesn’t matter how much of a space available, you can be as Creative, Bold  and Magical as you want.

Kids love colours, fun and are always cheerful; so why not transform these amazing characteristics when decorating their rooms. You can create a magical place for your kids.

Little girls dream of being Princesses, so why not give them their own tiny Kingdom?

I have outlined sixteen ideas and ways of transforming or revamping a room into a Disney Princess room;


1. Pink and White are a perfect colour for a Princess bedroom. Too much strong colours will agitate your kid so limit yourself to certain strong colourful items.



2. A Carriage Bed is the ultimate level of sophistication for your Disney Princess girls bedroom; it will make such a Big difference in the room.



3. These Disney Princess bedding set make a wonderful final touch to a Princess themed room, even if it is used on a regular bed.



4. A textured wall adds more drama to the room, Decorate your kids walls with these striking Castle wall posters.



5. Decorate the walls with these Princess Carriage wall posters for additional magic.



6. I included this beautiful Princess Signage and Crown to give the room a truly magical kingdom experience.



7. Large Cut Out Images of your kids favourite Disney Princess character(s) would create a truly magical experience in the room. I used three different characters in this room; Cinderella, Aurora and Tiana.



8. A Princess room is incomplete without Princess dresses for dress ups. Display one or two in the room and create a Dress Up Station if there is enough space in the room.



9. Tiaras are a must have to compliment the Princess Dresses, you can either display them or have them arranged in the Dress up station or wardrobe.



10. You can also Display some Princess character toys and fairies, I displayed some by her TV but it’s entirely up to you where you choose to.



11. A Princess Rug is a must have, I opted for this however there are several options to choose from.



12. The Disney Princess Arm chair is ideal for your toddlers up until about four years old.



13. This Disney Princess storage cabinet for putting away toys will help your kid learn how to tidy up their room from an early age.



14. Bold Accents and loads of Fluffy toys or Teddy bears are a big Plus.



15. Match the furniture in the room.



16. Adorn the door with this Disney Princess Welcome Sign.



Here is a link where you can shop some Disney Princess Themed Accessories to revamp or create a similar look for your Princess.

I hope these ideas help you in creating a truly Disney Princess Magical experience for your little Princesses at home.

I hope you like this. Kindly leave your comments below and share.


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