Four decades ago, an adorable African Princess was born in Lagos (Nigeria).

She was no ordinary baby girl according to her mum as she was destined for greatness.

She was called TINA NDIDI UGO.

Welcome to My World!

I believe anyone can achieve greatness hence my resolve to work towards leaving my mark in my chosen career and my legacy on planet earth for when i’m no more.

I’ve also come to realize that We are all unique and special in different ways. As I progress through my journey in life, I keep uncovering new discoveries about me.

One of the discoveries is that I’ve always loved writing but never imagined in my wildest dreams that a time would come when I’ll start sharing my write-ups through blogging with the rest of the world…. Alas a new dawn begins for me.

Who am I?

Several people have different definitions and opinions on who they think I am however I’ll say the following describes me best:

I’m just the girl next door who is passionate about fashion and style, travel, interior decor, luxury, shopping and photography. I also enjoy listening to music, reading and writing as a hobby.

An open-minded, free spirited, adventurous, stylish, fashionable, creative, fun loving and elegant go-getter. A fashion addict who also love and enjoy luxury including the finer things of life. I’m an extroverted Introvert who absolutely enjoys and loves her space. A perfectionist to a fault, organised, independent, vain, optimistic, blunt, honest,emotional, kind, compassionate, diplomatic, sensitive, quite egocentric, domineering, multi-tasking, amiable, reflective, bold, confident, assertive, stubborn and complicated.

I Just LOVE Me!

I’m a glam mum to a Princess, A Fashion Entrepreneur, Interior Designer, Travel Consultant, Business Coach, Life Coach, Photographer and now a Blogger.

I grew up in Lagos, where I had my Primary and High School Education. I proceeded to the University of Ibadan for my first degree, where I was awarded a Bachelor of Arts (combined honors) in Philosophy and Political Science in 2001.

I was with the corporate sector for four years between 2002 and 2005, where I worked as a Customer Service Personnel, Ticketing & Reservation Staff and a Marketer respectively across three different sectors; Insurance, Aviation and Publishing.

I became an Entrepreneur in 2006 and set up my first fashion and corporate gifts business.

In 2009 I decided to further my education and relocated to the United Kingdom where I was awarded a post Graduation Diploma in Business Management by ATHE upon completion of my studies at the London Business College in 2010.

In 2011, I was awarded with a Master of Business Administration Degree by Edgehill University Lancashire.

In 2012 I started a full time career in Fashion Design and Consultancy when I launched my brand DIDI CREATIONS LTD. We are a one stop Fashion company which caters for the bold and stylish men and women through creating unisex clothing, bags, accessories and footwear. We have recently expanded and also launched our Kids Line in 2016.

Since it’s launch in 2012;

We have been fortunate to be awarded six awards in the UK and one in Nigeria.

We have been featured on The Women’s Hour BBC Radio3, Reuters, Yahoo news, Capital FM Radio Kenya, Colorful Radio, Spice Tv, Silverbird Tv, TVC, etc. Including publications such as British Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar, Tatler, Pride, FAB, Black Hair, Black Hair and Beauty Genevieve, Today’s Woman, Working Moms Africa, Complete Fashion, AFWL Magazine, ThisDay, ThisDay Style, Vanguard Allure, The Sun, The Nation, The Union, The Guardian, Oh Yes Magazine, Glam Essence, City People Encomium, Urban Coco, Fiesta International, Swag, Punch, and several online publications and blogs.

In 2016, I took up photography and I’m still training as a self-taught photographer.

in 2016, I went back to an old hobby of personal shopping and wardrobe analysis. As a shopaholic, I now offer services for a fee as a personal shopper to selected clients.

I have been involved with a few charities over the years including Unicef, however On New Year’s Day “01/01/2017”, I started my own charity “Fashion With a Purpose” as I hope to directly help and touch as many women and children’s lives as I can though fashion.

In February 2017, I became a certified Travel Consultant.

In February 2017, I also became a Certified Fashion Designer.

I am currently studying and training as an Interior Designer. I’m almost done with my Diploma in Interior Design.

I am currently studying and training as a Life Coach and almost done with my Diploma in Life Coaching and Mindfulness as well.

In this Blog, you are likely to find write-ups covering all aspects of topics. I am passionate about; including Fashion, Style, Luxury, Shopping Deals, Lifestyle, Travel, Interior Design, Photography etc.

So sit tight, put on your seat belts, buckle up and join me as I take off on this journey……….

Tina NDIDI Ugo