Everyone who knows me or has come in contact with me will agree that I absolutely love colours.

Hence it’s no doubt that I’m a huge fan of the Colour-Blocking trend. You can wear several bright colours and still look Chic.

According to some Experts, Colour-blocking is thought of as the exploration of taking colours that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary colour combinations.

It is commonly associated in fashion as a trend that originated from the artwork of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

However, other experts argue whether his artwork is the true origin of colour-blocking.

COLOUR-BLOCKING has been trending for several seasons in a row.

Not only have we gotten a “green light” for wearing bright, vibrant, rich colours, but we have also been  encouraged to experiment with colour-blocking and wear several bright colours combined in one outfit.

What are the ways to block colours tastefully and elegantly? How can you pull off an outfit that is bright, dynamic and bold without looking Tacky?

If you wear a bright dress what color should be your shoes and purse? What accessories should you wear with bright-coloured outfits etc.

If these are the questions you would like to find some answers to, then I have some suggestions for you, which can help you get started on colour blocking bright colours.

Here are some of the several tips you can use when getting yourself into the wonderful and bright world of colour blocking.

4 Styling Tips on How to Colour Block 

(1) Wear Top and Pants or (Skirt) of contrasting colors. 

To avoid looking tacky, its best to choose complimentary colours, you can get this from the colour wheel.

Wearing a top and pant (or skirts) of contrasting colours is one way of color blocking.

For this style I added the same colour of shoes as the pants. The purple bag also matches the color of the top.

There is no need to go overboard with accessories when the main accent is placed on color blocking. I added a green belt to pop it all up.

However, Yellow also works well with Orange and Purple.

Personally, Orange and Purple combinations are one of my favourites.



(2) Wear An Outfit and Shoe of the same colour, but throw in a Bag/Purse of a contrasting colour. 

Burnt Orange dress and different hue orange shoes look fabulous together.

The only thing is that you definitely need to add another colour to an outfit like this. You can play really safe by complimenting with a black purse, and you would still look absolutely stunning and elegant.

However, if you want to be bolder with colour blocking, definitely go for contrasting colour purse like I’ve done with a Pink Bag here.



(3) Wear Two colour tone Outfit and add a Contrasting Accessory. 

You can have a bright color outfit, where pieces of clothing are close in colour or compliment each other.

If you add a contrasting colour bag or belt to the outfit, your look becomes so much more vibrant and interesting.

Feel free to always add some pop of colour to your summer outfit.

Bright colours will make more of a statement.




(4) Wear Shoes and Bag of the same colour with a Monochrome Outfit or Complimenting Colour outfits. 

For maximum impact, choose Vibrant Colours.

The combination of a Bright Yellow Shoe and Bag will definitely get heads turning towards you.

You can STYLE yours with a monochrome subtle outfit, however I’ve decided to go all BOLD and BRIGHT with a Pink Pant and Green Top.





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